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Ain't Nuttin But A Bitch Thang Baby!!

Enter value in comment, then copy & paste to your own LJ.

0= I don't know you

1= I like you

2= I love you !

3= You are funny

4= You are cool

5= I don't really care for your personality

6= I want to fuck you

7= You are sexy !

8= You have a nice body

9= I want to get to know you

10= I hope you die

11= Marry me, PLEASE ?

12= wanna have sex later ?

I am so fuckin ready for skool to start so I can decide if I want to continue goin or drop-out and work full-time. Word on the street is that Steve is comin back to skool as well as his good friend who liked/likes me, Dan. I sense many a posts about this fucked up triangle. Hope everything works out for the best.
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